Brochure Site

A simple brochure site, built to a standard template that will advertise your products and services:

  • a 1 page site will cost £150. If subsequently you wish to expand the web site, then 2 more additional pages are £75 each, thereafter each additional page is £50.
  • a 3 page site will cost £300, each additional page is £50.
  • These prices include using your own existing business logo and graphics.

WordPress Content Managed Site with 1 Year Free Hosting

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable changes to all the  content on a web site. You will have access to a secure Administration area where you can control all aspects of your site content. This web site is a demonstration example of a CMS. We use the WordPress content management system which is ideally suited to building most types of web sites.

  • a site using a standard or free WordPress theme will cost about £250
  • a site with a custom theme WordPress theme entails more work and will cost in the region of £800 – £1000
  • These prices include using your own existing business logo and graphics.

Hosting and Domain Names

If you do not have your own hosting and domain names already in place we are happy to help you arrange these for you. We would recommend:

Artwork and Content

We are happy to use any existing artwork for your site, provided that it can be provided in a computer graphics format (e.g. gif, png, or jpg). Likewise any content should also be provided in a word-processing format (e.g. Word).

We can create new artwork if required, costs for this can vary depending upon complexity – we will be pleased to quote a price for you.

Support and Updates

Site updates and support are charged at £30 per hour. All costs would be arranged by prior agreement.