JetBrains PhpStormI’ve been using Adobe Dreamweaver for years but I really only use it as a glorified editor.

Now that I use PHP5, HTML5 and CSS3 I have found that the syntax checker in my version of Dreamweaver doesn’t cater for the the new syntax. An upgrade to the latest version was eye wateringly expensive! So I hunted around for a replacement tool. I trialled JetBrains PhpStorm forĀ  a month and have now actually paid a full license fee for it. It is a lightweight Interactive Development Environment (IDE) and does everything an more that Dreamweaver did for me. Having said that, it’s not perfect – it has flagged some valid CSS3 syntax as an error – but I have reported this to them.

Features include:

  • Lightweight IDE
  • Intelligent PHP editor
  • Advanced Javascript Editor ( including jQuery)
  • HTML/CSS editor
  • Smart Environment with VCS support and FTP remote file sync.
  • Visual Debugging

I recommend it – for more information go to JetBrains.