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Which new phone?

I’m toying with the idea of buying a new phone. I currently have a Google Nexus 4 which is still OK, but it won’t pick up a 4G network. The 3G signal around where I live is very patchy, and the 4G is considerably better – so I’m thinking about a 4G phone. Whatever phone I buy will be an unlocked Android based phone – I don’t venture into the dark side (Apple), or want to be tied to a network contract.

So, it’s coming down to a choice between a top range model like the HTC One M8 which costs around £550, or one from the new Chinese interloper on the market, the OnePlus One running the Cynogenmod version of Android and costing in about £250.

Decisions, decsions …

Fiddling with Windows

So before I start fiddling with the preview version of Windows 10, I thought I had better do some long outstanding housekeeping on my Windows 8 install and upgrade it to Windows 8.1.

Should have been straightforward but Windows Update corrupted it’s own database and decided that I had never installed any updates, ever, and it wasn’t really bothered if it never installed updates ever again.

So after having downloaded a standalone updater to fix the updater, I have now managed to install the updates necessary to upgrade to 8.1.  The 3.5Gb upgrade pack is now downloading, so may be sometime tomorrow I might get to install 8.1.

I need a beer …