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Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich is the first Android version that will run on both smartphones and tablets. Up till now Android has been a little rough around the edges, release 4.0 takes Android to a new level of sophistication. It is anticipated that it will be ready for user download in December this year. More …

Microsoft Security Essentials mistakes Google Chrome for a Trojan!

Microsoft’s Security Essentials anti-malware tool has mistakenly identified Google Chrome as a password sniffing trojan, and actually removed the browser from many users’ machines. A fix for this  false positive is now available.

Microsoft released an updated signature that fixes the error where Chrome is mistakenly identified as a member  of the Zeus malware family. Google also issued instructions on how to fix the problem.

Windows 8 – There’s life in Microsoft yet

Last week at BUILD, Microsoft Windows 8 was announced and launched for developers. Everything that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8. Win 8 also scales from server size platforms right down to touch screen tablets using their new Metro interface.

This new OS will certainly give the iPad and Android communities something to think about!

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/5rel44w

Amazon to launch iPad ‘killer’

Amazon is reportedly going to introduce 10 and 7 inch Android based tablets in September/October. Pricing is expected to be extremely aggressive, possibly matching  the prices of the recent fire-sale of the failed HP WebOS based tablets at around $99 a throw. More …

The Importance of Being Accessible

There are over 1 million people in the UK registered as visually impaired. What may surprise you is that many of these people use the internet on a regular basis, using specialist software that ‘speaks’ the web site or enhances the textual presentation More …

Which 10.1 inch Android tablet should I buy?

Why not buy an iPad?

I cannot deny that the iPad is a great device. Looks beautiful and performs superbly. So why don’t I but one? Well, it’s not the device, it’s the ethos behind it. I don’t want to be trapped in an Apple world. If I want to write an iPad app I have to buy a Mac. For better or worse I’m a PC person and I have a few ideas for some apps I want to write. So I’m going Android. More …